About Me


Alright, this is the dreaded "About Me" section of the website. It's only dreaded for me because I hate talking about myself in any form, but here goes!

My journey into writing started when I was in eighth grade an introduced into the fantastical world of "Harry Potter" by my friend Alejandro.  That was quite some time ago!

I was immersed in the world that J.K. Rowling created  and thought to myself, "I'd love to write a book one day." With that, I was off to the races!

My Journey...

I thought it would be easy, but boy was I wrong. My first drafts were horrible and I passed them along to friends who were kind enough to lie to me and tell me that they were good. But I knew the truth.

Over the years I worked on my "Grand Magnum Opus", one that I still have today. I thought it was amazing and the story was just too good to be true. Then I realized, I hadn't really written anything. It was just years and years of world building.

When I realized how much time I wasted focusing on this one world and not actually writing, developing my craft, a light bulb went off. I had to write a book, start to finish. That was the most stressful thing ever, but it had to be done and it was.

The Present...

Since you're reading this now, then I achieved the goal I set out for this year. I wrote a book. Not only did I write a book, I'm writing several different books at the same time.

Being an independent author is new to me. But I take pride in everything that I do and all the work I put in. And I promise to never deliver anything to you, the readers that I wouldn't enjoy myself.

All the best,

Antoine Henderson



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